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Business needs leaders at every level
Every business category today suffers serious workplace issues that undermine performance – stress, poor teamwork, demotivation, work overload and underload, inefficiency, conflict, and more. The only thing that can resolve these issues is leadership at all levels, from the coalface to the boardroom.

Unfortunately, our world is obsessed with skills-training and quick-fix solutions, and produces plenty of misleaders and non-leaders, but very few leaders. To be a leader takes vision, wisdom, good character, and a sound knowledge of human nature, all of which flow from on-going education, based on the lessons of history and philosophy.

Andre recently talked to Chris Laidlaw on Radio New Zealand's Sunday Morning, on Sunday 24 July 2011. Press play to hear the interview.

The Leaders & Misleaders Project is a response to this worldwide need. It inspires and equips people at all levels to grow daily as leaders, driving their own education on the guidelines provided. This helps your business, organization, or community to develop a culture of leadership which is robust and self-sustaining.

Working through this web-site and the incorporated Blog, as well as through the books, Leaders & Misleaders – a psychology of progress and regress, and An Educational Bridge for Leaders, to be released in mid-2010, and a projected series of DVDs, the project will also be carried forward by workshops and conference keynote addresses.

New blog to promote dialogue on leadership & misleadership in business


Publisher’s Press Release for Leaders and Misleaders
Finally Addressing the Leadership Crisis

At last someone has produced a book that directly addresses the problem rather than the symptoms of the leadership crisis in business, politics, and the professions.

Andre van Heerden’s Leaders and Misleaders – the art of leading like you mean it flays the misguided belief that we can produce leaders through skills-training and quick-fix solutions, and insists that the key is character-development and the fomenting of wisdom through on-going education. Giving skills to people of negative character will see those skills misused, and this is why our society tends to produce misleaders rather than leaders.

The Global Financial Crisis of 2008/9 saw many prominent business and political heads brought low as corporate malfeasance and political corruption made regular headlines, and millions of people lost their livelihoods, life savings, and more through the actions of those they had trusted to lead the companies they had invested in. ...
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It’s a conversation being carried on all over the world, unstructured, sporadic, and unfocussed, but vitally important to us all. Now a new blog aims to give it direction and a compelling voice for change. Misleadership in business, as well as politics, the bureaucracy, and the professions, is rife in the western world. For all the billions of dollars spent on the skills training and “How to” literature that is supposed to produce new and capable leaders, the scarcity of leadership has never been greater.

Where are the inspirational visions to take us beyond the current malaise of social, political, economic, environmental, and business dysfunction? Where is the trust and mutual respect without which democracy and personal freedom will continue to be eroded, and business will keep struggling for answers?

Inspired by the insights and revelations of the up-coming book “Leaders & Misleaders – the psychology of progress and regress”, the new blog will provide a forum designed to strengthen the hand of those who bear the burdens of misleadership in business or the community or the nation at large. The stories and experiences of others will encourage all to have their say and to demonstrate that there is far more cross-cultural agreement on what people want from their leaders than is commonly admitted by people in authority.

Add your voice to the call for greater accountability and a return to integrity in the business, politics, and the community – log on to the Blog

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