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A stunningly effective leadership program from The Power of Integrity™
“Great leaders produce great teams, and great teams produce great leaders.”
  - Andre van Heerden

The greatest opportunity for an organisation to improve performance is by developing inspirational leadership - at all levels in the organisation. 
An authentic culture of leadership is the only way to achieve the genuine teamwork that produces exciting results for the organisation as well as the individual.  Best of all, it means you are growing new leaders all the time. 

The Power of Integrity™ Program,
‘Leading like you mean it’
, will help leaders in your organisation inspire themselves and others to perform with enthusiasm and unshakeable commitment to your vision.  Effective leadership will become the constant driver of on-going personal and organisational growth. 

This highly successful 6-month program includes an intensive two-day seminar, periodic one-on-one sessions, a concluding one-day seminar, and 360° assessments at the outset and at the conclusion.  It is, however, extremely flexible, and can be tailored to suit the particular needs of your organisation.

Leadership is an ability like any other - we all have the potential to a greater or lesser degree, but how successful we are depends on the quality of know-how and effort we bring to the task.  The Power of Integrity™ program gives a decisive understanding of the nature of leadership and a common sense synthesis of the essential tasks of leadership, with practical ways to become more effective in each of these.  It delivers a no-nonsense appreciation of the increasingly significant issues relating to emotional intelligence in both leaders and followers, and gives down-to-earth guidance on how to manage performance and relationship issues.

The program will encourage and equip the leaders in your organisation to be proactive in devising strategies for meeting the challenges that confront them, and will also make them much more positively disposed and more capable of motivating colleagues, clients, and their own team members through empathetic communication.

“Leading like you mean it” exposes
participants to the best thinking on leadership from ancient philosophy to modern gurus such as Kotter, Jacques, Mayo, Handy, Drucker, Senge, and many more, breaking through the clutter and providing a practical guide to daily growth.  It has proved very successful for diverse groups, from highly-experienced managers to young people taking their first steps up the ladder of leadership.

The programme is energetically interactive, rich in anecdotes and examples, extremely informative, and highly entertaining.  Responses to the programme from leaders at all levels, and from their teams, have been overwhelmingly enthusiastic, and the results at organisational, team and individual levels, have been exceptional.

A few quotes convey the impact of the program:

“Thank you for giving me hope, for cementing my faith/trust in process, for affirming my personal beliefs, for educating with fun.”  Mark L.

“Time has flown.  Easy listening.  Well presented.  Good support information.  Everyone working together.  Lot of points to ponder.”  John R.

“Motivated and enthused.  Way more confidence to carry out leadership roles.  I await the good feedback over the next few months as I implement strategies to drive the team to better and greater things.”  Andrew S.

“This programme is outstanding value for both the company and for me personally, and is far ahead of any leadership programme I have been on previously.  Thanks to Andre & the company for this opportunity to participate.”  Ross F.

“Exceptional presentation style.  Inspirational throughout the day.  Frequent breaks appreciated.  Providing rewards is a good way to gain participation.”  Jeff F. 

The program, due to Andre’s enthusiasm, breadth & depth of knowledge has been inspirational & motivating.”  Richard C.

“After the first workshop, my challenge was to move from a hands-on managing, fire-fighting role to more of a leadership role.  This was achieved by putting some of Andre’s advice to work.  Andre’s counselling between the workshops was a good stimulant to keep on track with the action plans.”  Alan C.

“The course was very worthwhile in helping me to re-assess my own leadership skills, and in motivating me to proactively market a small business unit within the wider company.  I valued the provocation to personal development as well as business growth.”   John K.

“Andre is a very knowledgeable presenter.  He makes you realise that you’ve just started on a path to improved leadership and that there is still much work to be done.  Some of the challenges can be difficult but the sooner you take action the better it is in the long run.”  Tracey V.

“Thoroughly enjoyed the graduation day with Andre today and have found the entire leadership programme of enormous value to my role at the laboratory.”  Karen D.

Leadership is first and foremost about inspiration – the leader’s own inspiration and his or her ability to inspire others.  This programme provides a mine of inspirational material, as well as the experienced coaching so essential in helping the leaders in your organisation to lead like they mean it.



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