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estimonials about Andre van Heerden

The following are some references from people who have attended Andre's inspirational workshops.

“I cannot emphasise enough the positive response this program drove from all who attended. By the end of the first two sessions of our 10 week program, there wasn’t a cynic to be sighted.”
Greg Eichmann (then CEO of FCB NZ)

“André has done a stunning job in motivating, challenging and coaching on teamwork. The feedback from everyone was sensational.”
Vanessa Lorford-Brown, General Manager of Human Resources

“Absolutely outstanding presentation on the power of brands – we had glowing feedback from all who attended the conference, including the Chairman and the General Manager of Tyrepower in Australia.”
Craig Johnstone, Chairman, Tyrepower NZ

“There is no doubt the leadership program is having a huge impact.”
John Morgan, then CEO AgriQuality

“We entered a new process in the development of our organisation, and Andre very skilfully guided us through.” Stephen Cairns, Chairman, Otago Regional Council

“I have to say, having attended several similar courses over the years, the one you hosted was outstanding...by far the best. The content was spot on and very useful and applicable immediately, and you have a great talent in delivering it... (and it was an enjoyable two days working with everyone), Thank You!”
Alan Stanley, PhD, Chemistry Operations Manager, AgriQuality Ltd.

“We have had Andre attend two conferences I have organized for two different companies. Both times we have found his presentation to be very uplifting, and motivational. He delivers a very inspiring presentation. I would have no hesitation in recommending him; we have in fact booked Andre for our next conference already.”
Adrian Kenny, Managing Director, At Your Request Franchise Group Limited

The workshops were excellent motivation for our team, and I would readily recommend your services to any company wanting to boost the enthusiasm and effectiveness of their sales people.”
Bill Payne, Director, Colorite

“I just wanted to say thank you again for helping make this year's conference a big success. I hear your session went down very well in Rotorua as well. To be honest I wasn't 100% sure what to expect from your session but found it to be very inspirational and I have ordered through Whitcoulls two of the books you recommended.”
Jerry Pearce Smith, Area Business Manager, AMP New Zealand

“Many thanks Andre – that was a very, very impressive, empowering, and rewarding course. I have learned so much – I want to lead like I mean it. I appreciate your commitment to this course and to NIWA. You are part of our team. I look forward to my further development as a leader following the information and enthusiasm you have provided. I was very impressed with your communication skills, empathy with us, and fascinating knowledge and historical and sports examples used.”
Charles Pearson, NIWA – Regional Manager

“The workshops were excellent motivation for our team, and I would readily recommend your services to any company wanting to boost the enthusiasm and effectiveness of their sales people.”

"Thank you so much for being so inspirational and for believing in the Australian team. It meant a great deal to know that someone truly believed that the Australian team had the potential to lead the business here to great heights. Thank you Thank you Thank you. You have done more for me than you will ever know."
Suzi B, Sample Reception Administrator

“Andre I want to tell you that I believe the Leadership Programme is the most rewarding training I have undertaken with my present and indeed previous employers. I was so excited about what I had learnt that I phoned one of my bosses on the Saturday morning to talk about it and thank her for the opportunity. Significant to the Programme's success has to be your presentation Andre, knowledge sharing, encouragement both on a professional and personal level that undoubtedly helped people overcome the challenges presented to them. Well done. Thank you.”
Cheryl G, Geospatial Services

“Excellent and extremely inspirational. I am walking away today with an increased awareness of myself and how I influence others. You have shown me different ways to view life and the key aspects of it – relationships. Thank you sincerely. I look forward to seeing myself grow.”
Warwick A, Laboratory Manager

"Thanks Andre for a life changing 2-day workshop. The skills that you have shared (plus lessons from colleagues that were present) have been very invaluable. The practical nature of the sessions are extremely priceless and greatly appreciated. Thanks again for sharing and imparting your valued insight to us. It has been a pleasure learning and interacting with you and I look forward to further follow-ups to develop my potential as a leader and as an individual."
Rowland O, Team Leader

“It was the best exercise we have undertaken since we began 4 years ago. It challenged many previous views and made us realise our potential. Andre “rocked the boat” and took several people out of their comfort zone but, without a doubt, gave us the forum to see more clearly what we wanted and the style we wanted to adopt to go forward. He was able to speak to the audience in their language and give us a set of guidelines to flow through into our plans. He worked hard before and after the meeting to ensure we understood the outcomes and translated them into our working agenda. He handled a very difficult environment well and achieved an outcome that made us appreciate our team and their undoubted potential. He made us believe in ourselves.”
Ross Pickett, then Chief Executive Officer of DTZ New Zealand


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